freemobility in Rome
freemobility in rome

Free Mobility was born in Spring 2004 with the goal to carry out from A to Z the alternative
"eco-mobility". We especially focus on electrical traction, suitable to access big and small towns inner city for business or tourism purposes. We offer different products to reach always more customer categories and in order to satisfy various reference market needs.
We treasure our 35 years' experience made in tourism industry.

To foster the business development in the future, we have thought to set up local partnership in order to create an operative centers network in Rome and then in other similar important Italian locations where there is a limited mobility.

Free Mobility, participates to important events in Rome, together with Associations
that work for Art and Environment Culture.

Our product is organized in 4 thematic itineraries in Rome; they last 3/6 hours for individuals
or small groups. They include personal shopper assistant, audio guides, welcome kit.
These itineraries are reserved to customers which are looking for a good and new product
with a competitive and accessible price but also to customers which take care of the artistic and
cultural estate through the environmental safeguard. This is our mission too

we move people - we preserve heritage
we sustain tourism and the environment

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